These straps are used to install any of the Torre® system tees:

Torre® straps can be installed on pipes with outer diameters from 70 up to 355 mm. A special strap is also manufactured for 63 mm diameter PE pipes.

Highest corrosion resistance

Torre® straps incorporate welding free manufacturing technique to avoid inter-granular corrosion. To prevent galvanic corrosion, straps are supplied in a rubber rim to provide full isolation from the pipes.

Convenient installation

Torre® straps bend smoohly around the pipe on which they are to be installed. Positioning of the screw makes it possible to install saddles easily in any position.

Storage advantages

The packaging system used for the straps makes for highly compact storage. Torre® straps are supplied flat, in labelled boxes to make handling and identification easier. Each box comes with a brochure including detailed assembly instructions.

Technical data

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