Supraflow® equipment can be used in any Supraflow® under pressure tapping tee for PE pipe. It includes all components needed to assembly and to carry out pressurized tests and network perforations.


Supraflow® equipment has been specifically designed to comply with PE.0044.GN-DG standard, and allows fort operations performed in a short time and under intrinsically safe conditions, when operation procedure is duly followed.


Drilling tool supplied with the equipment is made of chemical nickel recovered tempered steel, and shafts are of treated high alloy stainless steel. Premature corrosions are fully avoided. All the Supraflow® equipment include the full drilling tool, the ratchet wrench, one pressure gauge, which can be attached by mean of quick coupler, for tests along the process. Moreover, it includes mounting tools and a spare parts box.

Equipment box

All the components are located inside a veneered box of PVC coated with anodized aluminum profiles.

Equipment maintenance

To ensure best operating conditions is strongly advised a yearly factory survey of equipment. Also, components should be cleaned after their use, and drilling shaft oiled.


Each unit carries a proprietary identification and a label keeping record of factory surveys.

Technical data

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