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Supraflow equipment up to 1 bar

Grupo Torre has developed a new Supraflow equipment. This equipment is intended for operations in networks under 1 bar pressure. It’s more handy and lighter than the regular equipment, designed for operations up to 10 bar, but offering the same ease of use and low effort drilling. It is consequent to customer’s needs, and this… Read more »

Reach & RoHS environmental compliance legislation

Grupo Torre is constantly looking for the best solutions for its clients. Its products and services are designed to take care of human health and to produce the lowest possible impact on environment. Grupo Torre complies with RoHS & Reach environmental standards, a European Union regulation, conceived for the same purpose. REACH aims to reduce… Read more »

Certifications SGS

Since summer 2015, Grupo Torre has chosen SGS as a responsible for certifications and verifications. SGS is the world-leading brand for inspection, verification, testing and certification. The choice is a result of the international expansion plan that Grupo Torre is developing, for which one the best tools and business partners are being chosen.

IPS standards Supraflow®

Grupo Torre has started manufacturing Supraflow® system under IPS sizes standards, for markets working with them. It integrates a whole line with Supraflow® 4″ and 6″ outlet, for mains ranging from 4″ (only for 4″ outlet Supraflow®) to 12″.

Supraflow® 160

As part of the range of applications for the Supraflow® system, Grupo Torre has developed the Supraflow® 160. This under-pressure tee represents the logical continuation of the 90 and 110 models, thus completing a family of products to cater for operations ranging from outlets of 90 mm up to 160 mm, and with the same…

Supraflow® in “Pipeline & Gas Journal”

“Pipeline & Gas Journal” chose Supraflow® presentation news in the US as a major interest article. It was included under “What’s new in products and services” for its interest due to major enhancements in safety, operations time and cost. For more information:


Recently we have achieved the WRAS approval for our Golf and Giga tees. The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) is the UK Water Industry’s approval scheme and is a recognized standard all over the world.

New Giga PVC-O. They can be installed on polyethylene and suspension polyvinyl chloride (PVC-O) oriented strand pipes for up to a nominal maximum pressure of 16 bar in water. Designed to for large diameter branches and  by-pass diversions. The different materials that make up the Giga tees are electrically insulated to prevent galvanic type corrosion…. Read more »

New Cedec PE under pressure branch tees

Our new Cedec PE branch tees include an exclusive system to attach under pressure PE branches on polyethylene pipes (up to a maximum of 16 bar). Cedec under pressure direct coupling branch tees can be plugged in directly, an exclusive system allowing you to join the PE branch pipe directly to the saddle. It is… Read more »

New under pressure tapping tee Supraflow®

Supraflow® under pressure tapping tees are indispensable when installing large-volume by-pass diversions, whether branching, networks or standard by-pass assemblies. Pipe perforation is made by means of a “zero chip” cutter, housed inside the tee and retaining the disc and all the chips produced. The ability to install 90 and 110 mm diameter PE pipe electrofusion…

New electrofusion Giga PE

We’ve launched a new product onto the market, the new Giga PE flanged tee. This new electrofusion, under-pressure collar is installed on polyethylene pipes registering a nominal pressure of up to 16  bar for water or 10 bar for gas. Our R&D&I Department has developed this product in different sizes to be able to adapt to your… Read more »