Drilling and/or Diversion of gas pipes


Under pressure gas pipe drilling and branching

There are special operations that customers prefer to be done by specialized teams because of the pressure they are handling or because of difficulty elements present at the specific operation. Grupo Torre can offer several different services related to under pressure gas pipe systems based on its long term experience.

Live gas pipe drilling

Insertion of technical equipment (valves, stop valves, …) in a steel pipe up to 16 bar is a step further in technical complexity. Every step in pressure building up, risk multiply by x fold. Drilling operation and equipment used for have to be extremely carefully, and Grupo Torre has since longtime trained end developed teams prepared for such jobs.


Branching insertions

Supraflow® branching have been developed and certified for up to 10 bar operating pressure, but companies are in most cases not used to work under pressure at 8 bar pressures or more (normally 4 bar operations what they are used to) and it that aces Grupo Torre can handle it on behalf of the customer. Also, even in 4 bar systems there are situations far more complicated because of pipes (mains and branch) situations which makes difficult to work in the trench, and Grupo Torre can also perform operation for the customer.