Grupo Torre consists of two companies – Válvulas Torre and Torre Gas – specializing in the manufacture of valves and systems for under-pressure operations on water and gas networks.

Company founder Josep Vivé sets up his foundry business and valve workshop on Sant Pere Mes Baix, in Barcelona.

1878 Josep Vivé’s son, Marcelino Vivé Bosch, becomes partners with Pedro Casals Arquer. They buy Josep Vivé’s business, which now becomes known as Vivé y Casals.

1884 The business moves to new premises located on Consell de Cent, in the Eixample district of Barcelona, and the first photograph of the entire company staff is taken for the archives.

1888 Vivé y Casals exhibit their product range at their own stand at the 1888 Barcelona Universal Exposition.

1891 The company expands and again moves to new premises, this time on Diputación, also in the Eixample district of Barcelona, where they will remain until 1973. In this same year they also publish their first “General Catalogue”.

1902 Marcelino Vivé dies prematurely, and his son, Pedro Vivé de Grau, replaces him as co-director alongside Pedro Casals.

1912 Pedro Casals’ son-in-law, José Guilló Coll, takes over his management position.

1927 Vivé y Casals becomes a public limited company, and is now known as Metalúrgica Vivé y Casals S.A.

1936 The company is confiscated during the Spanish Civil War, and manufactures war material.

1943 José Guillo’s sons, Juan and Arturo Guilló Casals, take over the management of the company.

1956 A non-ferrous metal refinery is built in order to supply the company’s own foundry and the market for high-quality bronze ingots.

1973 The company completes its move to Pueblo Nuevo.

1978 Juan Guilló Casals’ son, Daniel Guilló Vivé, is appointed managing director. In the same year the company begins to work for Aguas de Barcelona and Catalana de Gas.

1994 Torre Gas S.L. is founded. The company develops tees and low-pressure launching equipment in collaboration with Gas Natural. The Cedec saddle is developed in collaboration with Lyonnaise des Eaux.

2004 Development of the Supraflow® large-diameter hot tapping tee for use with gas.

2005 The company starts to supply high-quality, high-tech components to the pharmaceutical industry.

2008 The company moves to new premises on Avenida Maresme, in Badalona. The development of flanged tees Giga PE and Giga PVC-O.

2014 136 years after the founding of the business, company staff are once again photographed. This time in the new premises, which date from 2008.