Torre® Bagging off system allows for flow stopping operations without gas leaks: repairs, network extensions, branching and any other kind of operation needing flow to be stopped.

Bag inflation

Bags can be inflated with air or nitrogen. Highest inflation pressure is marked on the bag.


Advantages over other systems:

  • Full safety as no gas leaks occur.
  • Flow can be stopped in non squeezable pipes.
  • Squeezing release is eliminated and pipes don’t suffer from squeezing.

Sizes and application range

There are seven Torre® bags sizes, which can be used for PE, ductile iron or any other kind of pipe.

Bag labelling

Every bag has all necessary information marked:

  • Making brand: Torre®.
  • Bag reference.
  • Maximal and minimal pipe diameter range.
  • Nominal pipe diameter (Ductile iron and PE).
  • Highest operating pressure.
  • Inflation pressure.
  • Bursting pressure.
  • Allowable distance between bag insertions.
  • Manufacturing date.
  • Expiration date.

Advice for use

Before every operation bag status has to be inspected and verification made on size and expiration date. Any defective bag or having exceeded expiration date has to be destroyed and immediately replaced by a new one. Use of defective bags may cause severe accidents.

Technical data


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