Launching tees are designed to be installed on polyethylene pipe for drilling and bagging on and off, without gas leaks. These tees to be eletrofused onto polyethylene pipes with outer diameters from 110 to 315 mm (SDR11 and SDR17.6).

Highest operating pressure

BTE tee design pressure is 5 bar, but maximum launching pressure is only 50 to 150 mbar.


BTE tees have to be installed by means of specifically designed Drilling and Launching equipment (EP16 / EB20) manufactured by Grupo Torre.


Each Torre® launching Tee is marked with its corresponding batch number. Quality certificates are supplied with each unit.


BTE complies with ES.0041.GN – DG.P02 standard “Electrofusion PE fittings: Overlapping electrofusion fittings”.

Technical data

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