Under pressure flanged tee for large diameter service connections and by-pass branching to be installed on steel, asbestos cement and ductile iron pipes, for pressure up to 16 bar in water.

Connection type

Giga outlet is by means of a DIN standard flanged, allowing for any standard accessory to be attached to it.

Collar components

Giga flanged tees consist of a saddle and two straps, on the lower part and a both sides flanged reel on the upper part. The appropriate saddle and straps should be selected for each deviation and pipe diameter size.

Drinking water certificated

Torre® saddles are equipped with EPDM joints certified for use with drinking water under WRAS: “Water Regulations Advisory Scheme” and under ACS: “Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire”.

Highest corrosion resistance

The whole tee results electrically insulated, consequent to the component materials, thus avoiding galvanic corrosion. Straps incorporate welding free manufacturing technique to avoid inter-granular corrosion.

Slide plate shut off

To carry out the under pressure connection operation, water flow is interrupted by insertion of a stainless steel sliding plate supplied with each Giga equipment.

Convenient installation

Compact design of Torre® drilling tool and strap anchoring system, both enable to install Giga flanged tees in restricted access spaces in any vertical, horizontal or inclined position.

Capping off service connections

Loosening the nuts and inserting the slide plate, repair work can be carried out on the service connection network or the tapping can be capped off by means of inserting a blind end flange.

Storage advantages

Saddles and straps alike are supplied in labelled boxes to make handling, storage and identification easier. Each box comes with a brochure including detailed assembly instructions along with information sheet detailing application range and the size of drilling cutter that should be used.

Technical data

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