Technologies research, development and innovation

New manufacturing technologies have appeared during the last 25 years, and have completely changed the industrial panorama. Almost any kind of manufacturing process that should be needed can be found. Problem resides in identifying the needed technology and mastering its know-how. Implementing a new manufacturing technology means also, in most of the cases, reconsidering previous steps in design and engineering.

Grupo Torre activity in R&D&I

Starting from specifications set a new product is developed over different steps among which ones basic study, options analysis, possible solutions study, definitive design.

In all steps we are going to pass through “trial and error” situations. All this long way has been completely changed: CAD tools, digital simulation and finally 3D printing for prototyping have shortened development time and improved solutions quality and effectiveness.
3D printers’ prototyping allows for several different options testing in a matter of hours. Drawings from CAD directly flow to a 3D printer to produce a prototype n a matter of hours.
Grupo Torre R&D&I services allow customers to develop new designs and manufacturing processes for which ones they don’t have any mastering.
A new manufacturing technology is not searched for once a product has already been developed: it’s rather a basic consideration during the first steps of a new product development path.

30 years ago available technologies in the fields of tooling, casting, injection, … were limited a few options. Over these last year many new manufacturing technologies have reached full maturity and are fully usable:
Sophisticated censoring and metering systems that enable product follow up from early creation stage to final consumer and even more.
Design, synthesis and materials processing, specially affecting coverings and composites and that has been possible through ability to materials treatment down to molecular or even atomic scale.
Digital manufacturing technologies, which last generations allow for 3D scanning, interactive CAD,…
Nanomanufacturing, for materials handling at molecular and atomic scale.
Flexible electronics, enabling non rigid electronic devices manufacturing.
Additive manufacturing by 3D additionally several different materials printing against subtractive technologies (lathing, milling, … )
Conforming and bonding advanced technologies, as cold forming, that enables bonding together completely different materials.
Talking tooling processes we cannot forget defined and undefined cut tools, laser systems for cutting and finishing, ultrasound rotary systems, electrochemical tooling, roller burnishing, water cutting, peeling rectification, creep feed and speed stroke … and speed stroke, …
These techniques are to be used for traditional materials but also for new materials specially among plastics like electron beam treated metal, high performance adhesives, covering systems, covering and finishing by means of last generation plastics …
So many choices shape a complex scenario by simultaneously allowing for new creative solutions.
Grupo Torre experience as former founder and refiner for metallic complex alloys, in CNC equipped workshop, sophisticated plastic coverings and adhesives, … all has made up a new activity to help develop new products and manufacturing systems.