Under-pressure operations in both water and gas networks require a high degree of safety, due to the special characteristics of the environment where work is carried out.

There are work conditions that require the intervention of specialists in order to guarantee required levels of safety. Grupo Torre carries out line stopping with inflatable plugs, and provides insertion and drilling services for water and gas distribution networks.


Grupo Torre has a wealth of experience in metallurgical technology. 135 years of experience in engineering, component manufacture and industrial systems for water and gas networks, together with the expert knowledge and expertise gained though a long history of foundry production of bronze ingots and valve components, has led to the creation of a new business area specialising in the integration of every available technology to enable the production of component parts and sophisticated systems using the very latest, state-of-the-art material. All this ensures our clients can realise every project with the utmost confidence and security.

R&D&I enables Grupo Torre clients to develop designs and systems they lack the technology or specialised production management to manufacture themselves.

Grupo Torre provides services that range from the design of component parts and systems, to the study and design of production methods and in-company manufacture of component parts for third parties. We have the capacity to study and manage every available material, including metals, plastics and composites.

Grupo Torre provides services in this area for both national and international industry sectors related to water, gas and the pharmaceutical industry, working in close collaboration with clients in order to produce the right products for each individual project with the aid of its experience and professionalism.

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Drilling and/or Diversion of gas pipes

The insertion of component parts for steel gas pipes, with pressures of up to 16 bars, requires a highly trained team of specialists and an even more technical operational procedure. With these pressure conditions there can be absolutely no margin for error. The likelihood of an accident must be totally ruled out.

The experience that Grupo Torre has gained over many years working with networks enables us to provide services offering the very highest levels of efficiency, safety and speed.

Grupo Torre has developed the Supraflow® system for under-pressure diversions and extensions with pressures of up to 10 bars. This represents the most efficient system currently on the market. It is extremely easy to install, which means that companies can carry out work with their own equipment.

However, there are situations in which the correct position of the insertion requires more specific expert knowledge. In these cases Grupo Torre provides a service for installing Supraflow® diversions in positions other than vertical.

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