Providing products and services since 1878

Grupo Torre is an industrial company based in Badalona (Barcelona). The firm has been developing system components and services for work on water, gas and steam networks since 1878, with a philosophy based on constant innovation and improving safety.

 The team of employees that Messrs. Vivé and Casals built up in 1878 has, with the passing of time, evolved and adapted into a highly qualified and technically competent team that is able to meet the complex needs of modern-day industry, based on over a century of experience.


The wide range of products produced by Grupo Torre is characterised by two key concepts: their quality, which is ensured by the ISO 9001 certification the company has had since 2002; and the level of service the company provides to its customers, developing products of a virtually exclusive nature to meet any technological need.

Grupo Torre’s business is based on the following product lines: under-pressure tees for water networks, grouped into three families (Cedec, Golf and Giga) plus their respective accessories and perforation equipment; and all the necessary products for operations involving gas networks, such as Supraflow®, Bte, Btf, and Cpe.

Supraflow® Under pressure tapping tee for PE pipe

Cedec Under pressure direct coupling branch tee

Giga Under pressure flanged tee


Operations on active networks, whether water or gas, demand a significant number of safety measures given the nature of the working medium.

There are working conditions that require the involvement of specialists in order to guarantee the required level of safety.
Grupo Torre provides line-stopping services by means of damming, insertion and perforation in water and gas distribution networks.


Grupo Torre has had ISO 9001 quality certification since 2002. Since then, we have maintained this standard as an integral part of our key objective to offer continued improvement in our customer relationships and manufacture of products.

In 2002 we implemented the following quality policy in Grupo Torre: “To give our customers the security of knowing their requirements will be met, both now and in the future”. We have remained true to this policy ever since, while continually adapting and improving our products and services.

In order to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001, as well as to maintain the quality standards of all our products and services, we continuously evaluate our suppliers to ensure that the products and services supplied meet the established criteria.

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